Bangladesh based Dedicated Hosting

Unlike other Hosting companies, we are well reputed and mature in sense of offering Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting in Bangladesh. Our main aim is to present a remote online access from this part of world to all our international and national clients. We know as per grown internet and techniques of its utilization is being changed so people need lowest latency and fast loading. Even if you are planning to target Bangla market, you should have to take all kind of advantages upon your competitors and one of them to host your sites and apps locally. Google, which is the main search engine and about 70% traffic is being generated through, also likes and rank great those websites and apps, which offer a good user experience by loading fast content and lower time to wait. Those who want a dedicated use of their machine in this specific region, despite having a shared hosting plan must prefer our readymade dedicated servers or VPS for fewer costs.

VPS Hosting Bangladesh


VPS Hosting Bangladesh

VPS Hosting Bangladesh

A south asian territory with a 2.4% growth rate and considered as a midocre level of economy in the region after India, has full potential for being considered as an oppertunity of success for big brands, overseas companies, individuals and organizations. And to obtain the top most goal for marketing and being viewed as a service provider or importer / exporter of goods, most conveniant and in budget solution is to utilize latest IT infrastruture. No doubts, most of representation can be made by publishing your site or apps through any datacenter located in any country but to gain, local's trust and trends, it is more than neceassy to have your online project up via a Dhaka based IP. Now the point is what kind of hosting infrastruture is the best for your ongoing live business, you should always try the reliable, dedicated and economical solution for you so we recommend you to rely upon VPS Hosting Bangladesh. Through virtual machines, you would be able to perform deevotedly with a full grip and command, no one will come to share your allocated resources. With us for Dhaka datacenter based virtual private server, you will gather, Tier III DC certification, Choice of OpenVZ and KVM virtualization, Operating system selection as Windows or various distributions of Linux, control panel license as addon and much more.

  • Linux / Windows
  • Extra IPv4 Addresses
  • Order for a Month or more
  • Tier III Facilitated
  • Secure Platform
  • Live from Dhaka, Gulshan
Dedicated Server Bangladesh


Dedicated Server Bangladesh

Bangladesh Dedicated Server

In case of maximal required RAM, CPU or Storage with huge bandwidth and precise need of Bangladeshbased location, in the absence of availibility of desired resources in a VPS, you may go for a Dedicated Server in Bangladesh based datacenter. We always suggest you to buy Bangla VPS because it can offer you theliberty of dedicated control in minimal cost whereas, unlike international pricing for dedicated servers, such machines under this part of map have higher payable charges yet good news is that we have them for you. Whether you require it Linux or Windows OS, it is available with 3 different resources and specification wise capcities though you can addup more as addon at any stage of surfing. Moreover, unlike various hard terms, you can enjoy the liberty of utlizing your provisioned servers as per you own wish like you can make it a Web, Email Gaming or proxxy server but all for only legit use. Like virtual insatnce, every dedicated hosting serve will be provisioned under am internationalized facilitated Tier 3 datacenter which affirms and have taken quality measures to make allocated machine usable for last available resource with a distniction of lowest local latency and fastest loading, lesser ping and quickest data transfer.

  • Least Ping and Latecny
  • Various ISP Carriers
  • Subscribe Monthly
  • 100Mbps Shared Networking Port
  • Single and Dual Processors
  • 24-72 Working Hours Delivery

Distinctive Features

Bringing Dhaka located Servers for hosting websites and apps, use them as gaming and proxy hosting infrastruture. Guaranteed secure atmosphere and lower machine ping time put your website top ranked over Search engine serps which will enhance your chances to be on top ranings for local searches. Your website load speed would be better with our web hosting in Bangladesh, Know about our distinctions. Buy any kind of hosted platform with shared or dedicated domestic IP to target local audiance in comparetively lowest prices than other competitors oferring same kind of services. About each feature which is a must for hosting lovers of various kinds, expected in advanced and developed countires are packed from this destination to make your access more conveniant and fruitful.

  • Trusted and Branded Hardware
  • Low Latency In Sub Continent
  • Best Industry's SLA
  • Fastest Manual Provisioning
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • Availability of Support in Times of need