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Latest Intel hardware with full root access turn our server availability fastest. Cheap prices and in time support differentiate us from rest of the dedicated hosting provider companies in Bangladesh. Customizable machines comes with Intel Xeon CPUs. DDR3/DDR4 ram which ensure powerlift for your rented machines. Internet carrier with a 100 Mbps port connected with machines is absolutely the backbone and responsible to make you live through world to get convenient access to your server.

Processor Ram Disk Bandwidth Port Cores Price
2 x E5-2630 V2 32GB DDR3 500GB SSD RAID1 1 TB/Month 100Mbps 6x2 $ 295 / mo Order Now!
E5-2680 V3 32GB DDR4 400GB SAS3 12Gps SSD RAID1 1 TB/Month 100Mbps 12 $ 365 / mo Order Now!
2 x E5-2650 V2 64GB DDR3 480GB SSD Enterprise RAID1 1 TB/Month 100Mbps 16 $ 395 / mo Order Now!

IP for Testing: | DC Location: Dhaka, Gulshan

Why Hosting Bangla?

One word Answer is Reliability, Low Latency, Best Support and Fair Price:

dedicated server Hosting Bangladesh


The maximum use of a dedicated server is to utilize it as web and email server worldwide so for your convenience, you will get whole environment in side data-center, which will help you out for sorting basic issues of networking and hardware. So if you are promoting your business online using modern email marketing tactics but stuck due to limited resources of your existing web server or you need a full fledge machine which can be used dedicatedly for your own projects. Here, with our dedicated Hosting solutions, all of your issues can be rusticate forever.

  • Use any software distro
  • Complete freedom to do branding
  • Great level of support
  • can use for reselling
ecommerce server bangladesh


Your firm holds a large data base that never got fit in other hosting options like shared and VPS servers or you want to play loadless with good amount of resources like bandwidth, Ram and cores, our custom dedicated server should be enough to manage your in-house database. You may get your big DB live for every day best performance using .net and Mssql or php7 with apache server, all kind of in house hosted solution are available under minimal budget with the variety available of operating system for both Linux and Windows.

  • Redundant data center
  • Best network uptime
  • There is no restriction of time span.
  • Large Datacenter to hold your web.
game server hosting bangladesh


Are you a small-scale entrepreneur who wants to generate revenue though game development and need a reliable gamming server in Dhaka for targeting specific community in lowest price or want to create a prxoy Server. Then definitely, we deliver it to you with ultimate level of professionalism with your required ports opened though currently DDOS protection is not available but we made things difficult for intruders to get in.

  • Perfect player for IT Projects
  • Secured Facility.
  • Less Ping Rate
  • Free Hardware replacement

dedicated server features

Best Prices

We are delivering values in lowest fraction of Price. Competitive features under low budget with great services.

Quick onboarding

Within 24 Hours ready machine in your control right after you pay. Customization, up gradation down gradation freedom.

Low Latency

For offering quick response of your web pages or for having good position in Search engine, you must have a good low latency.

Data Security

DDoS protection is not currently offered but Multi-layer security measures make communication very secure under our Data-Center.

Quality Infrastructure

Firm hardware, backups for internet connectivity and power, cooling system, good networking, cabling and routers, all make our DC much attractive.

TOP Tech Support

Everyday tech support, get your solution by industry's leading players as server support, no more inconvenience regarding tech end because we understand your concerns.

VPS Hosting

Can't afford a complete server for business IT needs, you may get our cheap VPS in Bangladesh, Customization, big resources and ultimate best support are the features that remain constant with any option of web hosting you select at Host Bangla.

VIrtual Servers in Bangladesh

Operating Systems & Control Panels we support