After a huge consumption of datacenter services in India, most prominent and to the mark destination for acquiring least latency in South Asia, best origin is Bangladesh. No doubts there is a huge room and necessary to make thing more productive, advanced and cheap here so keeping in view we are present you modern and branded infrastructure for all of your needs about hiring a live bare metal machine with advanced certification and fastest internet connection to deal your audience in this part and to market your goods and service in super relevant manners. Bangladesh Based Servers are designed for High Performance, low latency and best web uptime with maximum SLA guarantee. Best data centers of the world make us top dedicated servers’ provider in Bangladesh. Fulfill your Business web, ecommerce or enterprise level IT projects demand with a high accuracy and precision based Dedicated Server from Hosting Bangla. You are free to operate as per your selective OS, Multiple flavors and versions of Windows and Linux. Our premium networking and BDIX Connectivity ensure the credibility of our services for devoted hosting along with the availability of multiple backup internet carriers and various IP ranges. Through advanced routers and switches, we have enabled internal firewall system and blocked common vulnerabilities along with the distinction of free DDoS protection so that you can utilize your machine for any legit purpose whether make it a Game or Proxy server or an email. Faulty hardware replacement is done on top priority though there are very few chances for such happening whereas team of system admins and technical staff is continuously monitoring and managing networking and technical issues so we can make your desire of fruitful results and up comings by deploying your dedicated server in Bangladesh a real fact.

1. Tier II Dhaka, Bangladesh based Data Center

2. BDIX Connection for International Standard of Connectivity

3. Bigger Servers in Low Price, Resource's upgradation availability

4. Default DDoS Mitigation and Strong seucrity System

Dedicated Hosting Server Bangladesh


Due to lesser intentions of securing a bare metal machine from this area, we currently have very few available specifications which can be optimized and make more powerful by inserting more resources like memory and storage but number of cores will remain what those actually are. Yet, if you have any precise configuration, you want to be online through, you can ask our sales team, they will get back to you with a nearest possible or exact match or at least give you a solution. Compare below machines and configure on next page to order a full-fledged dedicated machine physically hosted through Dhaka.

Machine I

2 x E5-2630 V2

Bangla Server 1

US$267 / Month

  • 6x2 Cores
  • 32GB DDR3 RAM
  • 500GB SSD RAID1 Storage
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • 100Mbps Internet Port
Machine II

E5-2680 V3

Bangla Server 2

US$379 / Month

  • 12 Cores
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 400GB SAS3 12Gps SSD RAID1 Storage
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • 100Mbps Internet Port
Machine III

2 x E5-2650 V2

Bangla Server 3

US$395 / Month

  • 16 Cores
  • 64GB DDR3 RAM
  • 480GB SSD Enterprise RAID1 Storage
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • 100Mbps Internet Port


IP for Testing: | DC Location: Dhaka, Gulshan.

Ask Support if required complex or customized solution

Cheap Priced Best Dedicated Hosting with Dhaka IP

As explained before due to no bulk ordering for this top of its kind from this destination hold heavier running and deployment costs yet we, due to our best practices, old socialized relations and low margins make it possible for international as well as local market to buy and utilize a huge resourced machine with least South Asian latency and fastest loading for any purpose, including reselling as Bangladesh web hosting, proxy, gaming, mail or web server. Latest and branded hardware with full root access turn our server’s availability fastest, in reach and allow quickest operations to perform. Cheap prices and in time support differentiate us from rest of the dedicated hosting provider companies in Bangladesh. Customizable machines come with Intel Xeon CPUs and DDR3/DDR4 ram which ensure powerlift for your rented machines. Internet carrier with a 100 Mbps port connected with machines is absolutely the backbone and responsible to make you live through world to get convenient access to your server. We have a huge experience of about 11 years in this field and currently working with dedicated hosting facilities for a large number of origins. We know greatly the hosting requirements for a specific part of earth and launch things accordingly so that people may acquire their desired services conveniently and with trust under a single provider. Final words are there, if you not inspired by rates but still you are keen to have devoted hosting platform then you can rely upon our Bangladesh VPS Hosting.

Email / Web Server Bangladesh


The maximum use of a dedicated server is to utilize it as web and email server worldwide so for your convenience, you will get whole environment in side data-center, which will help you out for sorting basic issues of networking and hardware. So, if you are promoting your business online using modern email marketing tactics but stuck due to limited resources of your existing web server or you need a full fledge machine which can be used dedicatedly for your own projects. Here, with our dedicated Hosting solutions, all of your issues can be rusticate forever.

  • Use any software distro
  • Complete freedom to do branding
  • Can be used for reselling
  • Offer Shared Hosting to Your Customers


Your firm holds a large data base that never got fit in other hosting options like shared and VPS servers or you want to play leadless with good amount of resources like bandwidth, Ram and cores, our custom dedicated server should be enough to manage your in-house database. You may get your big DB live for every day best performance using .net and Mssql or php7 with apache server, all kind of in house hosted solution are available under minimal budget with the variety available of operating system for both Linux and Windows.

  • Redundant data center
  • No time span restrictions
  • Quality network uptime
  • Instant data migration
ecommerce Server Bangladesh
Proxy / Game Server Bangladesh


Are you a small-scale entrepreneur who wants to generate revenue though game development and need a reliable gamming server in Dhaka for targeting specific community in lowest price or want to create a proxy Server. Then definitely, we deliver it to you with ultimate level of professionalism with your required ports opened though currently DDOS protection is not available but we made things difficult for intruders to get in.

  • Perfect player for IT Projects
  • Less Ping Rate
  • Secured Facility
  • Free Hardware replacement

Powerful Features

Buy what on which you can rely for a long run because sometimes cheap service makes you cheap in front of your online communities. Know what you are going to have along with the basic model of dedicated hosting to maximize you hosting experience with us.


We are delivering values in lowest fraction of Price. Competitive features under low budget with great services.


Within 24 Hours ready machine in your control right after you pay. Customization, up gradation down gradation freedom.


For offering quick response of your web pages or for having good position in Search engine, you must have a good low latency.


Basic DDoS protection is currently offered and Multi-layer security measures make communication very secure under our Data-Center.


Firm hardware, backups for internet connectivity and power, cooling system, good networking, cabling and routers, all make our DC much attractive.


Everyday tech support, get your solution by industry's leading players as server support, no more inconvenience regarding tech end because we understand your concerns.