VPS Hosting Bangladesh

For an optimized, next generation, reliable, secure and affordable data transformation from and to Bangladesh internet patch with a distinctive devoted usability to manage and run your online project with in the country, top notch and most demanded solution is stable and fast vps server in Bangladesh. Our virtual private servers are designed to provide you with the same quality of service and network reliability enjoyed by all of Real IT Solution dedicated hosting clients, at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to run your business through the internet, you must be aware that today's world owns this technique and the growing market of Bangladesh is not an exceptional case. The reason behind it is that you can meet with a large community within no time. But, there are some certain conditions come to face for running your business through or on the internet. The very basic requirement you need to fulfill is hosting service. Out of the best hosting services running around the globe and the nominated one you should choose in Bangladesh is VPS hosting. Why VPS server is the best and what we are offering you. Answer is Simple, our prices are cheap, total secure environment, standard SLA uptime, branded hardware, plenty of ISP carriers, IPv4 ranges and stat of the art virtualization technology with both Windows and Linux OS. No specific restrictions of ports. Instances can be utilized to make it a Gaming server or use it other ways like Web Server or Proxy. Good amount of resources like Bandwidth, Internet speed, Ram and Hard Disk is included even in a primary Package, Different commonly acquired Addons to select, Best Bangladeshi hosting support, Root or Admin rights and there is much more. The only thing left is your turn to obtain the maximum benefits by closing your deal with us to be live from this location of world with best before and after sales services.

VPS Hosting Bangladesh



Dhaka VPS Plans

Your VPS server comes with its own dedicated resources with a guaranteed equal-share of CPU power, a predefined amount of RAM, boost-able internet connection and a selection of your favorite or required operating system. You are also able to burst up to double your guaranteed RAM. We do not cut corners on our hardware here. We custom build all our VPS servers and only use the best components available to ensure that you receive the levels of reliability and stability that we promise.

vCPU RAM SSD Space Bandwdith Price
VBL-1 02 2 GB 30 GB 350 GB Linux OS US$.39
VBL-2 04 4 GB 60 GB 500 GB Linux OS US$.59
VBL-3 06 6 GB 120 GB 750 GB Linux OS US$.79
VBL-4 06 8 GB 250 GB 1000 GB Linux OS US$.99
VBL-5 08 12 GB 350 GB 1500 GB Linux OS US$.159
VBL-6 12 16 GB 500 GB 2500 GB Linux OS US$.239
VBW-1 02 2 GB 40 GB 500 GB Windows OS US$.65
VBW-2 04 4 GB 60 GB 750 GB Windows OS US$.99
VBW-3 04 08 GB 80 GB 1000 GB Windows OS US$.169
VBW-4 06 12 GB 120 GB 1500 GB Windows OS US$.254
VBW-5 08 16 GB 180 GB 2000 GB Windows OS US$.299

Root Access

To offer you full authority and dominance for executing any kind of code and to manage your machine without any technical head, we deliver instance with root and administrator access.

KVM and Qemu

We Offer VMs with Qemu and KVM based virtualization for Linux and Windows which creates multiple secure and isolated containers on a single physical server to ensure quality and security.

Lowest Latency

Understanding your preference of buying a virtual machine from this area, you will be live through fastest rout in BD with warranty of instant data transformation and loading of resources.

Cheap Bangladesh Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Server, a latest increment of technology adaptation at Host Bangla. For your smother and resilient web performance sharing a dedicated server virtually is a technique what we called Virtual Server. The basic motivation for the formation of node is almost alike to offer dedicated grip on usage and utilization of allocated resources in the cheapest prices near to basic shared web hosting form. As there are different techniques to convert a dedicated machine into various virtual containers as per required resources, we select one of the best and secure to perform this task. This is done by allocating special amount of RAM, number of desired CPU cores, defining needed storage on disk and the practices we adopt to perform virtualizations are KVM and Qemu. Each virtual machine has its own particular arrangement of assets and can be crafted and delivered by our team instantly. You can select Linux vps or Windows VPS, Choice would be yours. Each virtual server is autonomously taking a shot at equipment level, we would setup be able to any OS simply like on physical server. The extraordinary angle is every VM case does not influence each other like conventional VPS server. VPS Users have full governing power on their allocated resources and ability to execute commands as a root or super privileged administrator allow them to run whatever their ambition for what they order an instance. One may have a complete freedom to set up the desired operating system and make any chosen alterations which can be of any nature like networking or container’s feature.

  • 24/7 Provisioning: We make sure that the provisioning of hosting availability is 24/7.
  • Customer Support: Customers need support when an error comes to see in the system. We are offered our customers with tech support any time when they need it.
  • Reasonable Price: Join us and you will find the offered packages within a reasonable price range.
  • Root Access: You are offered with root access. You have a complete authority to execute any command and access or control any resource in the system or device that you need.
  • Maximum Bandwidth: With several offered packages users are offering maximum bandwidth, storage and more. Choose the plans according to your needs.
  • Choice Of Operating System: Users are offered with complete flexibility or choice. You are allowed to install the needy operating system and software according to your demand.
  • Manage Data Backup: Out of the essential tasks you should perform while running your business is to back up data on a regular basis. Through backing up data you can prevent your data from any harm or loss. So, we also offer this benefit to our clients by add a backup solution as addon while configuring and ordering.
  • Load Time and Uptime: Uptime and load time is an essential part while running a platform on the internet. If you are failed to provide best load time no user will come to see you again. So, join us today and make a strong engagement or bonding with your users.
HostingBangla Model: VPS Server Dhaka Product ID: VBD-1 4.9 based on 77 reviews $20 New

Advanced Virtualization Features

There is no doubts that to run a specific kind of project, you always need a particular datacenter location but there must more immunities you have to take care of, for a long, safe and stable run. While starting to offer virtualized Containers for local and international public, we through our past experience and as per user's demands, organized our infrastructure which guarantee not only to us but to all our buyers a robust and secure access towards the internet medium of South Asian region. Some of most prominent options, features and distinction are elaborated below which make our services of international standards.

GeoIP Dhaka

We assure you top quality of latency from Bangladesh as we have our physically server located in the capital city "Dhaka" which empower us to present high end product.


If you need us, we are always here. You can always count on reaching us 24/7. Just send us an email or submit a support ticket to discuss your sales or after sales queries.


After payment and the customer's identity verification usually the server deploys within 24hrs and there is no contract.


We offer maximum possible uptime from Bangla location and we know you will amuse with this fact once you will start your business with us.


With top quality of hardware, it is necessary to build top-notch infrastructure for offering services under a Tier 3 DC.


If you are looking for a host that is devoted to providing a reliable service, you've come to the right place because we never compromise on security.


You are free to use our virtual servers for installing game server or make it a proxy for anonymous browsing.


All operating systems are free instead of those with Windows, Get cheap windows VPS license as well as the related add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Least time for subscribing?

No strict documentation for ordering a vm, simply select a plan, configure, use the preferred payment gateway and pay for as least as for a month, later, it is your will whether you want to renew or not but you must have to submit cancellation request 5 days before expiry.

When will instances be provisioned?

Normally, nodes order with a Linux operating system took maximum 3-18 hours whereas Windows based VM can take up to 6-24 hours once after receiving order and payment.

How many extra IPs can be ordered?

Now a day, it is hard to keep IPv4 due to excessive usage and abusive reputation but even then unlike many global providers, we present up to 6 IPs can be assigned to a single node.

How to order and pay?

After comparing above given packages, you should click on purchase now link in front of each specification, it will move you to configuration page, include necessary elements, add your contact details, use PayPal or Crypto currency option to make payment.

What is included in support?

As all virtual machines are provisioned with basic support so most of tasks would be done by your or through your admin but in case of hardware failure, hard reboot and re-installation, you can submit a ticket to process your request.

Can i upgrade resources?

Yes, by choosing next level package and ordering it, you will absolutely avail more resources.